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  • The Advantages of Using Biodegradable Oils.




    It may seem as a contrary fact that the development in science has given us newer options to choose an eco-friendly product without also increasing the price of that biobased product and at the same time making a product less risky to use in sensitive environments. There are many simple ways by which you can make your company environmently friendly. Switching to biodegradable oils as lubricants in many of our needs is one of such ways by which you can switch to a greener company.

    Regarding the construction sector, the advantages of using biodegradable oil is not limited to eco-friendliness alone. There are a few more advantages of using biodegradable oils in sectors like construction, manufacturing etc. This article discusses about the benefits of using bio-based hydraulic fluids in the construction sector and how it would benefit the environment, the construction worker and decreasing environmental risk.


    Defining biodegradable oil


    Biodegradable oils are those that are composed of vegetable oils that are easily decomposed by the soil and water. The earth has its own system of degradation, in which all plants and organisms get degraded over time.

    Biodegradable oils are mainly made after the gradually break-down of the metabolic activities of living organisms like bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast, etc. The rate of degradation may differ depending on a variety of factors like viscosity of the fluid, nitrogen content, capability of the bacteria to mix with the oil nutrient, salt content, pH levels, solubility, temperature, humidity etc. Most of the bio-based oils are basically made out from renewable resources in which hydrocarbons make the main constituent, which later get transformed into carbon dioxide and water. The include soy oils, rapeseed oils and other plant based oils.

    There is inherent biodegrading oil as well as readily biodegradable lubricants. Inherent biodegradability means that the substance will take numerous years to degrade. It can be up to twenty years or more. Readily biodegradable lubricants is made pretty much easier, say one month or so, depending upon the viscosity factor. In readily biodegradable lubricants, 60% of the material will degrade within 28 days.


    Knowing the terminology of biodegradable lubricants is also helpful as it is known by different names. Hydraulic oil, Environmental Oil, Bio Oil, Biodegradable Oil, Environmentally Accepted Lubricants, Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil, and even Green oil refers to the same. Further information on biobased content is available from the BioPreferred Program.


    Advantages of using biodegradable oils


    The best part of using biodegradable oil, be it any sector, is that it is simply biodegradable and does no harm to the environment. It is absolutely free of pollution. Compared to traditional lubricants, biodegradable oil proves to be an efficient lubricant. Moreover, it is non-toxic.. The safety of workers is also assured, and biodegradable oils are skin friendly for it creates no dermatological damage.

    The biodegradable oils are highly sustainable and will eventually get decayed and will never become harmful to the earth. Furthermore, using biodegradable oils will help to solve the demand of mineral oils for the future generations. It does contribute, when it comes to energy-saving as well.

    Another benefit of using biodegradable oil is that it helps to cut costs while choosing an eco-friendly way. The operational costs can be cut down to a great extent by using biodegradable oils in the construction sector.

    The traditional petroleum based oils are non-renewable and therefore pretty costly. Apart from this, it is in no way good to the locality and environment around the construction site.

    To put it briefly, biodegradable oils are non-hazardous, eco-friendly, sustainable, inexpensive, efficient and offer high performance, and that make enough reasons for companies and individuals to focus on biodegradable oils.


    Increasing demand from customers


    There is a growing demand for bio-based oils from customers in the recent times which prove to be a good sign. As the authorities as well as organizations are focusing on ways to make this a greener planet, the use of biodegradable oils is becoming widespread.


    People are opting for a greener way of life by using biodegradable oils in construction. Moreover, people are choosing to build an eco-friendly home and go a step ahead in leading a greener life. Make sure you suggest the construction contractor to use bio-based hydraulic fluids instead of petroleum based oils next time, and thereby choose go a step ahead in greener way of life.

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